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Interim Report
ACIDF is winding down as a funder and we will be ceasing operations as of March 31, 2018.  ACIDF has greatly enjoyed serving the agriculture industry over the last 17 years. We would especially like to thank our signatory organizations , the Alberta crop commissions for their excellent support, partnership and efforts to raise new funds over the past few years. ACIDF feels that we have done an excellent job. Through our time we have invested nearly 108 millions in research and development. We are the only funders to have invested more than our financial resources In projects; our operations and contributions to the funding community were free. We wish the Alberta crop industry all the best in the coming years. We know these are challenging times and we regret not being there to help. But we have every confidence in our industry and know you willcontinue to grow in spite of adversity. Alan Hall is no longer working for ACIDF effective February 28, 2018. Alan join in the April 2006, after a successful career in AARD. Alan’s job title with ACIDF was “project Hunter“. His role with the company was much boarder.  Alan helped with project management, policy development, technical reviewa and a host of other activities. Alan’s talent in networking has greatly unified the agricultural sector. We are sorry to see Alan leave the company, but as we wind down the operations this is necessary. We wish Alan and his wife Sue all the best, in their new endeavors and thank Alan very much for his 11 years with the company. It’s that time for the final reports to be completed. Below are the links: Final report
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Fund 2008 Is completed and click here for the final report.
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Interim Report
Final Report
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