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Crop Pest Response Fund Now accepting electronic Application for the Crop Pest Response Fund
Pest: a weed, disease, or insect identified as noxious, prohibited or economically threatening affecting an agricultural or commercial horticulture crop. What is the support for? Establish presence and geographic distribution of new or novel pests Develop control strategy Implement an eradication or control plan Who can Apply? This is aimed at municipalities, institutions, governments and other agencies supporting the Alberta Agricultural Pests Act and the Alberta Weed Control Act. This includes: Provincial and Local Authority as defined in the Alberta Municipal Government Act Not-For-Profit agriculture-based organizations registered under a federal or provincial act Band as defined in the Indian Act Mètis Settlement Post-secondary educational institution This is a competitive process for limited resources. Applications will be judged for clearly defined deliverables, value for cost, likelihood of success and sound project design. All applications are subject to external technical review.