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Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund Ltd.
Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund Ltd.
Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund Ltd.
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Fund 2001 was ACIDF’s first tranche of funding, and the initiative that built the company. Beginning in 2001, the $11.4 million fund was fully committed in 2009.
Fund 2001
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This program invested $4 million in food processing industry development, specifically 20% support in equipment to reduce labor needs and increase throughput.
Fund 2005 - Automation and Proditivity Pilot Program
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A small initiative designed to investigate opportunities to make Alberta’s crop industries more competitive with other areas of Canada and internationally.
Competitiveness Initiative
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This $2 million initiative through ARD and APF, developed and installed polymer processing equipment in Agri-Food Discovery Place. The faciity operated in partnership with ARD’s Bioindustrial Technology Division.
Biopolymer Development Initiative
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Fund 2010 - Feeding Initiative and NIRS grants The initiative will support crop development, feed production, production security, biorefining technologies and health-related product development. Projects and programs under portions of this initiative will benefit both Alberta's crop and livestock sectors by ensuring adequate supplies of high quality feed.
Fund 2008 - Competitive Crop Production Initiative The initiative follows a number of highly focused initiatives, limited either by eligible projects or by finanical matching limitations. This resulted in funding being limited for a number of crop industry sectors and for smaller developing industries. For this reason, Fund 2008 will be preferentially directed to proposals involving the smaller and less supported crops
Fund 2008 Fund 2008