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Lessons Learned
  On June 6 2018 at the 17th AGM, the signatories reluctantly passed a special resolution to wind down the company.   ACIDF appreciates the opportunity to work with Alberta’s Agriculture industry over the past 17 years. In total we invested $111.6 million in our industry and are proud of our accomplishments. Special thanks to our Board: Clarence Assenheimer Craig Shaw Tom Machacek Dieter Kuhlmann Graeme Finn Jim Calpas Murray Hartman The 2019 FarmTech Award for outstanding contribution to Alberta’s Crop Sector was ACIDF. This was presented on January 30, 2019. The link                            is a short video of the presentation.   Lessons Learned from 17 years as a funding agency. Annual reports in the library
Cereal Leaf larva, an  unwelcome visitor
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